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Pick Your Plan

Select the calling plan that best fits your needs

The MMS rate is 0.50 ¢ per message.  Data overage will be charged at 0.10¢ per MB.
good2GO mobile standard long distance rate is 0.15¢ per minute (plus regular airtime rates) for long distance calls made within Canada.   If you have an active plan with anytime minutes, Canada Wide Long Distance calls are free.

* Prices, plans and programs are subject to change. UNLIMITED DOES NOT MEAN UNREASONABLE USE. For additional details, see the good2GOmobile Terms and Conditions at   

** Your account must have the cost of the feature or plan plus $2.00 for the plan to be added or renewed. 


Need to Call overseas?

good2GO mobile offers International Calling for as low as 0.02¢ per minute plus airtime. Our new International Calling plan is available for only $1.99.

How does it work?

Add the International Calling Plan to your account for $1.99 and it will renew every 30 days. As long as you have a balance on your account you will be able to call anywhere in the world. If you are on a monthly plan, your airtime minutes will be charged to your plan minutes.

How do I get it?

  1. Call Customer Care at 1-877-844-5562 from a landline or 611 from your good2GO mobile phone and ask an agent to add the plan to your account.
  2. Wait for a text message to your handset with your local access phone number
  3. Save the local access phone number to your contact list for future calling needs.

How do I place a call?

  1. Dial your local access phone number.
  2. Listen to the recorded message prompt
  3. Dial the number you wish to call and press the # key. 
    • For the US dial 1+area code +the number.   
    • For International dial 011+country code +the number

If you do not use the local access number while placing international calls, you will be charged a higher rate.

To find the exact per minute International Rate, enter the COMPLETE Destination phone number in the search box provided.

If you prefer you may also select the name of a country and we will return all current rates for that country.

If both a country is selected and a phone number is entered, the search will be done by selected country.

Look up the per minute rate for any country.

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